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Jasmine Snipes

Principal Consultant and Sole Member (pronouns: they/them)

About: Team Members

About Jasmine (they/them/their pronouns)

Jasmine Snipes is the founder and principal consult of Jasmine Snipes Consulting, LLC. 

They are dedicated to the effective empowerment, education, leadership, and care of others. They have decades of lived and career experience and worked at the Arizona Legislature for nearly 10 years. Following that experience, they were tapped as the Operations Lead for Black Lives Matter Metro Phoenix and currently serve as the Organizing Director for Black Phoenix Organizing Collective. They are an experienced community care and impact consultant, coach and trainer who regularly collaborates with other independent consultants and community-focused organizations and institutions. Jasmine also serves as a member of Anytown Leadership Camp’s Board of Directors and participates in youth leadership, empowerment and development. One of Jasmine’s top priorities is to help carry forward meaningful and liberating impacts. 

Jasmine facilitates workshops and community dialogue, manages projects and processes, supports social change and justice, and collaborates on community care and solutions execution. They obtained associate’s degrees in Communication and General studies from Estrella Mountain Community College and a bachelor’s degree in Community Advocacy and Social Policy from Arizona State University’s College of Public Service and Community Solutions. Jasmine compassionately guides and collaborates with people from varying lived experiences and communities while:

  • centering the social identities most impacted by supremacy culture and oppression (e.g. Black and Brown and racialized identities, lgbtqia*+, disabled, neurodiverse, etc.)

  • prioritizing individual and collective liberation

  • prioritizing individual and collective care

  • dismantling harmful and oppressive practices and systems

  • courageously and graciously fostering accountability and responsibility community and convening spaces

  • honoring impact, urgency, and intention.

Jasmine enjoys spending time with friends and family, and practicing decolonization of their body and mind. They also love staying curious and learning about different communities and history through food, travel, entertainment, art, and intentional connection.

About: About


  • governance boards, organizational change, strategy, training, facilitation,

  • performance improvement, executive coaching, team effectiveness, change management, 

  • curriculum and consulting design

  • practitioner and technical expert- highly effective consultant and trainer

  • government, non-profit, grassroots, community organizing and education organizations/boards, practices and quality

  • education faculty and administrator staff training

  • community dialogue moderation and facilitation


  • emotionally and intellectually intelligent project and interpersonal relations management 

  • individual and collective reflection, accountability, and responsibility

  • collaborative partnerships based on mutual respect and consent

  • challenging the status quo, supremacy culture, and harmful social constructs

  • honoring lived experience and centering the impacted

  • strengthening impacts and reach of abolition and liberation

Professional Qualifications and Affiliations

  • Current Black Phoenix Organizing Collective Organizing Director

  • Previous, Kick Ass Consultants member

  • Previous Anti-Defamation League | Education Division training specialist

  • Previous, Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs | Communications Coordinator

  • Previous, Arizona State Senate and House of Representatives staff member

  • Previous, ONE Community Millennial Multicultural Advisory board member & workshop facilitator

  • Previous, Black Lives Matter Phoenix Metro | Operations Lead

Volunteer Action

  • Anytown Leadership Camp | Board member 

  • Camp OUTdoors | Volunteer

  • former Anytown Leadership Camp Co-Director

  • former one•n•ten Board of Directors member 

  • former Arizona Center for the Future Young Talent Advisory Board

Education and Training

  • Bachelor of Arts degree- Community Advocacy and Social Policy, College Public Service and Community Solutions, Arizona State University

  • Associate of Arts degree - Communication & General Studies, Estrella Mountain Community College

  • 2024 Ascending Leaders of Color Fellowship, 4 Da Hood LLC2024

  • Ascending Leaders of Color Fellowship, 4 Da Hood LLC

  • Piper Academy: Building Board Expertise with Chuck Loring

  • elvtr Black Leaders course with Felicia Guity, GoogleTrauma-Informed Care trained

  • The Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI Program) | Institutional Board of Review – Social & Behavioral Research 

  • The Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI Program) | Good Clinical Practice – Social and Behavioral Research Best Practices for Clinical Research

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Camp OUTdoors
Co-directing Anytown Leadership Camp
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2023 Anytown Leadership Camp staff
ASU Project Humanities Storming Caesars Palace panel discussion and facilitation
ASU Project Humanities Storming Caesars Palace panel discussion and facilitation
ASU Project Humanities Storming Caesars Palace panel discussion and facilitation
2023 Anytown Leadership board of directors annual strategic planning session
2023 Anytown Leadership board of directors annual strategic planning session
Anti-bias & anti-hate education and action planning facilitation for middle school students
2023 Reframe Academy - Atlanta, GA
2023 Reframe Academy - Atlanta, GA
2023 Reframe Academy - Atlanta, GA
2023 BPOC Fall #WIDC Listening Session facilitation
Anti-bias and anti-hate educator and administrator co-facilitation - Las Vegas, NV
3TV and CBS5 Glendale Black History Month event 2024 AHJ segment
Fresh Brunch 2024
Fresh Brunch 2024
Fresh Brunch 2024
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