I understand that working to address themes like prejudice, bias, privilege, and racism are challenging. I am passionate about meeting folx where they are in their experiences and guiding them through the incredibly nuanced concepts imbedded throughout social change. My goal is to help you navigate this work successfully using long-term and immediate skills that we will craft together.

I offer a free one-hour consultation as a part of my services. During this time, we can learn about one another, your group or organization, and what you envision. 

All services are also available virtually due to the increased risks caused by COVID-19.



Enhancing Skills and Knowledge

Oh no, not another training! My goal is to ensure that we are working in community TOGETHER. Trainings allow teams and organization to engage in the process of acquiring the knowledge, skills, and tools, needed--specific to the organization and its needs-- to operate through diversity, equity, and inclusion.

In a Meeting


Expert Guidance

I use my years of experience in leadership, education, and DEI development, to help organizations effectively impact their structures and culture. I understand the passion and dedication organizational leadership takes. I also understand that organizations are familiar with processes where the outcome did not seem long-lasting or impactful.

I believe that ongoing support and development is best, and I will work closely with your organization to ensure that the is balance in the voices being heard and a versed approach to modern issues (e.g. race, bias, social justice, etc.).

Diverse businesspeople gathered together


Achieve Your Goals

There are so many ways to get involved and be a part of the change, but what's your lane? How can you actively and effectively "DO THE WORK"? What can you do to boost your impact. Together, we can work to steer your and your talent in the right space(s) and direction. 

There are some many ways in which one can actively work towards social change and community development. Let's see how we can work together and to enhance your talents and maybe even help you acquire some new ones.