Base work, discovery, and action

Consulting, coaching, and training services designed to meet your and your organizations specific needs in racial justice, social awareness, diversity, equity, and inclusion work.

I provide versed and thoughtfully-designed support and education on race, diversity, equity, and inclusion at work. Examples of the content of my work with other organizations include anti-racism, white supremacy, anti-discrimination, anti-bias practices, and social themes/awareness. I have been in practice for more than 18 years, and I am deeply passionate about it.



Jasmine balances her warmth, humor, and personality with a deep knowledge of the content she presents. She is a talented workshop facilitator with a presentation style that is patient and adaptable to the needs of the group. Jasmine’s breath of experience in non-profits, policy, education, and much more allows her to come to any space as an informed and engaging thought partner. She has exceptional intuition and approaches problem solving from both the individual and systemic levels. Jasmine’s life experiences and background bring a fresh perspective to the work of anti-bias education, anti-racism, and diversity/equity/inclusion. You will not regret working with Jasmine!

Ashton Skinner

Associate Director of Education Operations, Anti-Defamation League

Jasmine is one of my go-to presenters when I need a speaker on government and nonprofit communications and public relations. Her style is engaging and uplifting, while filled with practical advice and suggestions. She is also well versed at client and constituent relations, event planning and management, and strategic planning. My students always find her to be relatable and helpful, and thank me for having her speak. I know Jasmine to be reliable, diplomatic, responsible, creative, and above all direct and honest while being tactful. Every chance I have to work with her leaves me impressed anew with her professionalism and her spirit of public service.

Alberto Olivas

Executive Director, Congressman Ed Pastor Center for Politics & Public Service | ASU College of Public Service and Community Solutions

"I truly admire how Jasmine consistently shows up authentically and grounded in this work. I been in the room when her facilitation magic draws out participants courage and "breakthrough moments". She uses herself as the instrument of teaching sharing her own lived experiences to navigate situations. Jasmine’s ability as a facilitator, a thinker, a designer is unrivaled and I am grateful for our relationship as thought partners.”

Melia Dunn

CEO, Melia Dunn Consulting